Guidelines for Trading
BC's Coca Cola
Trading Cards

1.  When determining values, I will use the Non-SportUpdate magazine "Pop-Out Price Guide" as my price guide or if not listed, I will use the lastknown price guide for the item such as old Collect! magazines.

2.  The cards you are trading for mine must be in"mint" / "near mint" condition.I consider all of my cards in "mint" condition, but since they have been touched by human hands, then"near mint" may be more accurate.

3.  I will  cross-trade any cards that you have that I might need. For example, I will trade a Series one card I need for a Super Premium card that you need(assuming prices are within 10% of each other).  I also will trade cards for any Coca-Cola item, but I tend to stay 100% Coca-Cola.

4.  Chase cards are priced according to the most current Non Sport Update "Pop out Price Guide", or if not listed, old Collect! magazines if they listed them or will be listed at a comparable price of another set based on size, box breakdown, age, and condition.

5.  Please be honest when trading! This is a hobby to have fun, not to "rip off" anyone.

6.  I've only just started, but as soon as I can build a reference list:
        Check my Good Traders List for references.

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Special Thanks to:

Anthony D. at Tony Island