Change History for Web-Site

This is to help people who visit more than once on what changes
they might want to check out since their last visit.


Ok, haven't updated this in like eight years but have used this site to take a break from working to enjoy my little collection.

Since last I posted, moved from CA to PA, bought a house had two more kids, had three jobs and haven't really got any thing new in the line of my card collection.

Have been searching ebay for those last few cards but they haven't appeared or were far more than I think they are worth.


Well been tending to my son Tobias (11/05/2002) and haven't had much time to really work on the website that is 200+ meg. I however have moved the entire site to This move will remove all the banners, and pop-up ads that plauge the free sites.

I have also reduced the amount of content on the web site to make it a bit more managable and so I can get it all on one site. Mostly removed the common cards or phone cards that don't directly relate to tradeing cards.

If you have any suggestions please use the new contact link to find out how to email me. It is designed so the spam scrappers can't fill my inbox with spam.


Wow, found a little time..well was forced to find some time.  Tripod reduced the
free web space from 50 meg down to 20 and had to move LOADS of stuff.  
Think I got things relinked but will work on cleaning up the links asap.  Added
the Comic Image Santa set a month or so ago, but forgot to add the history entry.
Need to spend some major time on getting the "Our America" Sets all cleaned up
but gotta get unpacked from the apartment move.  
Answered a mess of questions and helped about a dozen or so people with their
collections.  Kind of nice to find out that someone has found my little piece of

Thanks to Ronnie H. Graham for finding several broken links in the pog and
Series Four area.

New stuff coming:
          All 12 uncut 6 card sheets from the Holiday set.
          Clean up of "Our America" with the last few sets scanned and posted.
01/12/2002 The site has had it's first birthday and things are pretty quite.  Been working on 
getting those last few cards.  The lastest big buy was the gold coupon card for 
the super premium set and the Santa Set from Comic Image.  In the next coming
months I'll be putting more on line and rebuilding all the web pages so they all
work.  Does anyone know of a really good web page generation method?  I'm 
thinking on switching everything to XSL-XML but don't think that the older
browsers would like that very much.  Any how, Happy new year.
        Phone cards (cans, trays, bottles, others) - Sprint 95'/96'
        Santa Set - Comic Image 2001
05/19 Ok, ran out of space.  Working on getting an additional web site with enough 
space to host all the educational cards/stamps.  I've got five of eight of the 
Our America booklets all scanned in and almost ready to upload.
Got a mess of the 95/96 scoreboard phone cards in and ready, but working 
on getting the rest of them.  Hopefully soon. 
So what is new?  Well the Four season phone card set, the 95 Cap set, the 96
Etched phone cards, added some catalog pictures, thanks again to 
Colagrrl's Coca-cola Galore! .  What else?  The known Philippines cards are 
done and I got a wrapper.  Can you image getting a pack of cards with only 
three cards per pack...yuck.  But anyhow.  The Philippine cards that I'm still
missing haven't raised their heads from the woodwork, but have someone
checking in at a Coca Cola Museum to see if they exist.
04/27 Worked up an expanding and contracting menu system for the left navigational
    Added Diecut cels to the 96 Scoreboard.
    National 96' phone cards added
    Phone card section added to nav bar.
04/21 Wow, haven't really kept this up to date have I?  Well here is the lowdown on 
changes since Feb. 
   Added some jsp to flip images on the sellsheets, and the caps (pogs).
   Added loads of new cards:
      All Santa's are now scanned and listed.
      Nature Set from 1930
      More of the Scoreboard phone cards from 95' and 96'
      Clean up of loads of broken links, Thank you Dreamweaver.
      Fixed an oversite of not linking to Jeff's checklist page.  All done.
02/11 Realigned all other sets to the new format, three frames design. 
Generated over 500 html pages to display the 500+ cards, and thumbnails. 
Scanned in over 300 cards and Bob from Critter's Coca-Cola Collection
sent me Series 1, 2, 3, Super Premium and SOGT scans.
Added a mess of new cards, Polar Bear Case card, the 1995 Season's 
Greeting Gold card, Ty Cobb TC-2 from Collect, SOGT
Promo, S-22, Others! and changed the format
of the price guides so they are scans of the information instead of me trying
to type it all in.  Found a Aug 1999 copy of Tuff Stuff's Collect! guide and 
found out more about cards that aren't listed in Non-Sport Update.
I got two of the Four Series Binders/albums with Polar bear card!  Thanks 
Colagrrl's Coca-cola Galore!
01/03/01 Changed the format of the metal sets to align with the AOCC and 
polar bear sets. 
Posted  the Art of Coca Cola set in the new format.
 01/01/01 Changed the presention of the Polar Bear Vaction cards so even the 
common card scans can be viewed online.
Added more frames on main page, and reduced the amount of stuff on
the main page to assist in loading.
12/21/00 Added Super Premium (SPB-1), SOGT(SPB-7).
Added Dealer Sell sheets for 7 sets:
    Series 3,4,SOGT,SuperPremium,Cel 95,
    PolarBear,Metal Around the World.
Added SOGT information page for gold and promo
Added Series 4 Gold Sprite Boy Scans.
Added information and scan of "Printers Proof" for 1995 Cel Cards
12/18/00 Added Critter's Coca-Cola Collection
and cleaned up some of the duplicates from the Links
12/18/00 Started this History Page

History to date:
In the beginning....
In mid 2000 I really got into collecting Coca-Cola stuff.  Mostly toys and stuff to hang in my cube so I didn't have to look at the red-beige colored walls any longer.  What do you do with all the empties?  You use them as wallpaper! That is what I started doing back in April of 1999, and then it just grew.  Now I have over 200 empties covering about 80% of the wall space in my cube.  Most people suggest that there isn't enough space for another Coca-Cola item, but after thinking, and removing a couple to make like a shadow box out of them so the new item can rest in a little cove, there is plenty of room.  The cans are taped together in columns then attached to the cube wall with T-pins and twine.  The movable counter curtains are taped columns of cans strung together with twine.  The can curtains hide all the unsightly books, boxes and computers while providing a nice buffer against the cleaning crews vacumes hitting the computer cases.

Why I started this page:
After getting my first set of 100 cards to use as cube wall covering, and seeing the reaction of people when they see them, I wanted more.  The search for more information was in bits and pieces.  Finding one page with information of a single set with a series number three from the one I have.  I started with Series one, and then found out about Series 4.  Thanks to Colagrrl's Coca-cola Galore! for opening my eyes to the other sets.
After the trials and tribulations of my search, and seeing the hole that needed filled, I started the BC's Coca-Cola trading card page for the other lost souls out there in web land.

Web Space:
Currently the BC's Coca Cola Trading Card page cover five sites, Geocites (14 meg), Tripod (20 meg),  Netcom (5 meg), (50 meg), AngleFire (15 meg ) and (100 meg).  I started only on netcom but the five meg worth of space wasn't enough to add all the pics and pages so I expanded to Geocities.  After moving all but the first three series from Collect-A-Card to the Geocities web site and then added the metal sets again, space became an issue.  Starting up the Tripod site hopefully will give me enough space to finish my little project.