If you came in from a search engine or found your way here from the tangle link nightmare called the web, Welcome.

Here is some helpful "who am I" stuff just in case you are looking for me and can't find out enough about me on the web site to really know if this is who you are looking for.

Name: Billy W. Cole
    Ceres Elementary: 1975-1981
Jr High:
    Central, Bluefield 1981-1982
    Bluefield Jr 1982-1984
High School: 
    Bluefield High School 1984-1987
    Bluefield State College 1990-1993
    West Virginia University 1993-1996 BS in C.S.
    Sears, Bluefield 1986-1990
    HSUS, DC Summer 1991
    West Virginia Fire Extension Office 1993-1996
    GTE Government Systems 1996-1998
    Chordiant Software 1998-2004
    CTC  2004-2007
    PHEAA  2007-current


Would scare you with a picture, but to say the least, I got rid of the glasses by having eye surgery.  Fun Fun! But having glasses the size of coke bottle bottoms was really hindering my fun.

Married on Oct. 31 1999.
    Tobias James Brooks Cole 11/5/2002
    Josephine Rose Gayle Cole 10/17/2004
    Annabelle Sarah Hope Cole 11/13/2007

And if you haven't figured it out yet.....A heavy duty Coca-Cola-holic.